Personal Work

Family of Animals Runs from Forest Fire

One-page comic, “Character Creation,” for Bayt Al Azif, a magazine for Cthulhu Mythos roleplaying games

Ink drawing series, “Style.”  Purchase limited edition folded print here.

1. “i want to be seen with you”
2. “every panel of our time together a perfect and complete tableau” 3. “i want you to see make naked, but i don’t want your clothes to come off” 4. “i don’t do anything with you that isn’t beautiful” 5. “our time together is limited, by design”

Minicomic, “Return from Distance”
Minicomic, “Who Will Help  Me?”

Selections from “Remember Who Loves You” painting series
Titles, left to right
1. Rules
2. Our Heinous Plan
3. How Could I Ever Forgive You/No, I Will Never Forgive You
4. You Don’t Get to Choose. 5. You Can Have It All/Maybe I’m Just Paranoid/The Agency
(directly downward) 6. The Border Lines
(right) 7. The Curse of Always Knowing

Misc. Drawings and Paintings

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