Limited edition risograph comic based on a core mental health text. Character appears in my webcomic “Lurking”

“Under the Sea You Lived Alone”

“The Courtesan’s Advisors,” accordion book

“Violet Gorilla,” accordion book
“Sunday/Sunday,” formal exercise

“Character Creation,” on role playing, viral children’s music, and horror tropes, for Bayt-Al-Azif: A Magazine for Cthulhu Mythos Roleplaying Games

Selections from “Lurking,” my webcomic on Instagram. Musings on a milennial youth spent online.

“Return from Distance,” a romance

“1-800-CANT-WIN,” for Smoke Signal 
“Who Will Help Me?”
“Make a Friend of Lonely,” written by Chris Jones. Written up in The Comics Beat “Best Comics of 2016”