“Drawing doggies at the intersection of art and technology since 2013” 🥲🐛🖤

Short-form comics.

Guest art for Tradd Moore’s “Dr Strange: Fall Sunrise” Issue 2

12-slide comic in the “Lurking” universe entitled THE SCENT OF A JUGGLER

Limited edition risograph comic based on a core mental health text. Character appears in my webcomic “Lurking”

“Under the Sea You Lived Alone”
“The Coutesan’s Advisors,” accordion book

“Violet Gorilla,” accordion book
Selections from “Lurking,” my webcomic on Instagram. Musings on a milennial youth spent online.

“Character Creation,” on role playing, viral children’s music, and horror tropes, for Bayt-Al-Azif: A Magazine for Cthulhu Mythos Roleplaying Games

“Return from Distance,” a romance

“1-800-CANT-WIN,” for Smoke Signal 
“Who Will Help Me?”
“The Nightmare.” See it animated by Alex Krokus here

“Make a Friend of Lonely,” written by Chris Jones. Written up in The Comics Beat “Best Comics of 2016”