“Drawing doggies at the intersection of art and technology since 2013” 🥲🐛🖤

On October 14, look forward to a new batch of full-color maps featuring some of your favorite comic-book locations in Marvel Universe: An Atlas of Marvel: Key Locations, Epic Maps and Hero Profiles

New music video releases!

Tinsel Teeth - Kilbourne Official video from the album Seismic (EVAR Records)

“This video was conceived over an afternoon with Kilbourne, where she and Jensine listened to the tracks from the new record and discussed the phenomenon of the rave as a holy space, reverberant conceptual architecture where a unique human experience is shared. The memorialization and attempt to form images based on these feelings and memories of being in the live music space took on an additional significance during a time where live music was unavailable to us.

The wellspring of imagery for this video is the work of Dino Buzzatti, an Italian writer and artist that Kilbourne had been enjoying. His surreal landscapes, populated with expressive buildings and structures that sometimes echo human anatomy, were Jensine's main inspiration for this video. The video is a rapid series of short loops that attempt to reach a vacillation between the base animal and larger-than-life, elevated experience of hardcore electronic music.”

INFERNAL EXPERIENCE by Jensine Eckwall, music by Charlie Looker from Jensine Eckwall on Vimeo.

New experimental animation, my final project for my MFA Illustration program at Fashion Institute of Technology. See my artists’s statement and all the projects of my very talented classmates here



Coming October 5, 2021 from Little, Brown books for young readers, Dust & Grim features painted and hand lettered front and back covers, and 46 unique chapter heading illustrations.  

From the publisher:

“Miss Peregrine meets The Graveyard Book in this middle grade adventure about rival siblings running a monster mortuary—written by bestselling author Chuck Wendig.

Thirteen-year-old Molly doesn't know how she got the short end of the stick—being raised by her neglectful father—while Dustin, the older brother she's never met, got their mother and the keys to the family estate. But now the siblings are both orphaned, she's come home for her inheritance, and if Dustin won't welcome her into the family business, then she'll happily take her half in cash.

There's just one problem: the family business is a mortuary for monsters, and Molly's not sure she's ready to deal with mysterious doors, talking wolves, a rogue devourer of magic, and a secret cemetery. It's going to take all of Dustin's stuffy supernatural knowledge and Molly's most heroic cosplay (plus a little help from non-human friends) for the siblings to figure it out and save the day… if only they can get along for five minutes.

Bestselling author Chuck Wendig's middle grade debut is equal parts spooky, funny, and heartfelt—perfect for Halloween and year-round reading!”

Artwork created in collaboration with Peter Larson Schmidt for the TTRPG stream Wizard Hole, and its very rich, homebrew post-1800s powered by blood-and-emotion adventure comedy world, New Haverlock.